4 thoughts on “Episode 11: Final Episode”

  1. While I agree with much of your musical opinions (like that songs about sex and dancing are generally stupid) I think that you guys, being skeptics, will appreciate the following:

    Calling other people stupid for having different tastes is somewhat ridiculous because there is no objective way to determine which music is “good” and which is bad. Your opinion on the subject is just as valid as anyone else’s. The best indicator of how “good” any art is (whose value is ONLY imbued by humans and NO other outside source) is how many people like the music. But even that isn’t anywhere near perfect because people die so I guess you’d have to adjust for a bunch of different variables.

    Also, 3D TVs cost almost exactly the same as regular ones and the 3D effect is much better than that shitty green/red shit from the past. I was actually impressed, especially when I played a video game on one. I only use it rarely but I think it actually looks pretty awesome. I am prepared for you guys to call it stupid when we finally invent hologram TV or some shit.

    Also, the paper you put on the toilet keeps the ice cold seat from liquid nitrogenong your fucking ass causing your it to shatter like the T1000 at the end of Terminator 2 while you simultaneously have a heart attack. But perhaps you don’t have to worry about that in California. That’s what’s difficult about ad hominem attacks because some times you haven’t considered everything. I personally don’t use those shitty wax paper ones but I do sometimes put toilet paper on it in the winter.

    I do enjoy your podcast though. Thomas and the Bible is better but this one is at least mostly entertaining. The high-horse calling people idiots for subjective tastes and things that are annoying sometimes just from a “you can’t logically do that” perspective but otherwise… Keep on.

  2. For example, I think anyone who “tweets” or uses Facebook on a daily basis are retards. Prove me wrong. And doesn’t that kind of make you pissed at me? If you heard enough stuff like that would you continue listening to me?

    But don’t worry. I won’t stop listening. Not yet Anyway.

  3. Fucking grammatical errors. Sorry, I have to use my phone due to me not having Internet or a computer due to being poor. Why the fuck am I apologizing for grammar errors on an online blog thing. Fuck it.

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